NYS Inspection/Emissions

What is NYS Inspection/Emissions?

It stands for New York Safety Inspection/Emission. It is a mandatory inspection program which every vehicle registered in the state must go through every 12 months.

Why is it important to get get this inspection?

The main purpose of this vehicle inspection is to ensure that all vehicles present on the public streets and highways meet the minimum standards for safe operation. If your vehicle passes this inspection, it is more likely to cause less pollution, less noise and use fuel efficiently which ultimately saves your money and is environment-friendly.

Who provides vehicle inspection services?

Vehicle inspection can only be done in a licensed inspection station displaying an official sign by a certified motor vehicle inspector. There are numerous stations in the city. However, we would recommend you to avail services of our qualified staff at Autophd workstation.

When should you get the vehicle inspection done?

It is compulsory to get the vehicle inspection done before the expiry date on the sticker present on your vehicle.

What’s the process to get the vehicle inspection done?

You have to book an appointment via email and deposit an inspection fee. When a vehicle inspection is performed there are two possible outcomes. A vehicle may pass or fail the test.

What happens if my vehicle fails the test?

Inspection station will present you the report and recommendations of repairs needed. You can either get those repairs from Autophd instantly OR you can take away your vehicle to any other workstation of your choice to get the necessary repairs. You can also do the repairs yourself. However, you would have to bring in the vehicle again and resubmit the fee to get inspection done.

Once your vehicle passes the test, only then it is issued a sticker.

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