ECM/ECU Cloning

Our finest service is ECM cloning. We provide the best ECM cloning tool and ECM cloning service for Mercedes ECU and BMW ECU tuning. The BMW ECU repair cost is minimized by our BMW ECU remapping software.

What is ECM/ECU?

ECM/ECU stands for Engine Control Module or Engine Control Unit. It is mistaken for electronic control unit. Think of it as a brain of your car whose responsibility is to control critical operations like air-fuel mixture and ignition timing to ensure optimal engine performance.

What happens when ECM/ECU malfunctions?

Firstly, you must know what exactly happens when your mercedes ecu programming shows issues. It is a sophisticated electronic circuitry or ecu malfunction. It controls your electricity powered car modules. Generally, when a damaged or malfunctioning ECM/ECU, then your car wont start.

What should I do to fix it?

Many people face the issue of ECU malfunction and therefore need efficient car ECU reset. We make sure that the ECU replacement cost is not a burden for you. Actually replacing ECM/ECU can be very expensive from the dealers. You should avoid going to expensive dealers. Because instead of repairing they usually install a new one which is not the best option. You need to pay a small fraction of money to get these units easily repaired. Furthermore, we can also help in cloning them. So, bring your vehicle to Autophd workshop and eventually let our experts provide you quality service.

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