Mercedes Benz EIS, ELV & Ignition key

What is EIS?

One thing which most Mercedes owners use daily is EIS or Electronic Ignition System. Generally, it is seen that owners complaint that in cold weather the key doesn’t turn in the Mercedes Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS) whereas sometimes even if does turns but the ignition lights on the instrument cluster doesn’t switch on.

If you are facing any problem like that then it is time that your Mercedes EIS needs to be repaired.

What is ESL ELV?

It is an electronic steering lock which is powered by a motor. At times, it malfunctions but it can be repaired easily. If you are facing any of the issues mentioned below then it means your ESL ELV needs to be replaced.

  • Dashboard lights wont turn on
  • Steering wheel can’t be unlocked
  • Car won’t start
  • Auto parts wont respond when the ignition is switched on

What is Ignition Key?

The key of your car is called ‘ignition key’. When you insert it in EIS then ESL unlocks the car and powers up the automobile systems. If your key is not working properly then it needs to be reprogrammed.

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